DevOps Course

DevOps Course Overview

Online Guru Technologies’s Devops training running with industry experts  according to industry requirements and demands.

This training helps you crack the interview and clear the certification as well.

Here you will get all class videos lifetime access.

Even after completion of course 24/7 support is provided for clearing interviews and certification.

By the end of the course a separate class is scheduled for interview questions and answers.

Online Guru Technologies will provide a platform to work for real time projects.

Devops Introduction

  • Definition of Devops
  • What is Devops ­ SDLC models, Why Devops?
  • Evolution of devops
  • Tools and Technologies
  • Market trend of devops

Linux Administration

  • What is Operating System, Unix, Linux
  • Different Linux flavours
  • Basic linux/unix commands
  • User management
  • Package management
  • Installation using RPM, YUM, DEB, APT
  • Linux File system structure
  • Filesystem management
  • Process and jobs
  • Unix and linux difference
  • Start and stop services
  • Types of links soft and hard link Basic commands
  • Changing file permissions and ownership

Networking Basics

  • Basic network commands
  • Private Vs Public networks
  • Routing basics
  • DNS fundamentals
  • Setting up DNS

Devops in­depth

SCM ­ Git and Github

  • Introduction to Git and GitHub
  • Setup and Install GIT
  • Git commands, push, pull, commit

Configuration Management: Puppet, Ansible, Chef

  • Config Management with Puppet & Ansible
  • Difference between Puppet & Ansible
  • Puppet server & agent setup
  • Puppet manifests
  • Templates
  • Introduction to Ansible & its features
  • Ansible architecture & Execution
  • Ansible modules
  • Playbook Introduction
  • Ansible Roles
  • Writing playbook for webserver & DB server deployments

Build and CI/CD ­ Maven, Jenkins

  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Install and setup jenkins
  • Continuous integration with Jenkins
  • Integrate Jenkins with Maven
  • Jenkins authentication
  • Parameterized jobs
  • Setup users
  • Installing plugins

Containerization ­ Docker

  • VM’s vs Containers
  • Introduction to docker
  • Installation of docker
  • Images & containers basics
  • Running, Stopping, Deleting, Inspecting & Managing containers
  • Docker images deep­dive
  • Building our own image

Infrastructure monitoring ­ Nagios

  • Nagios Introduction & Architecture
  • Install & configure Nagios
  • Plugins in Nagios
  • Adding servers to Nagios
  • NRPE – Nagios Remote Plugin Executor
  • Using default plugins
  • Writing our own plugins

Other devops tools ­ Kubernetes, ELK, Collectd

Cloud Computing and AWS

  • Introduction to Cloud computing
  • Characteristics of cloud computing
  • Overview of various providers ­ AWS/Azure/GCP
  • AWS deep­dive
  • Creating AWS account
  • Understanding AWS Regions and availability zones
  • EC2 ( Elastic Cloud Compute)
  • About EC2 and types , Pricing ),
  • EIP (Elastic IP address) ­ Allocating, associating , releasing
  • Launch windows and Linux Instances in AWS
  • S3 ( Simple Storage Service)
  1. About AWS Storage services, EBS and S3
  2. Creating S3 Buckets and putting objects in bucket
  3. Discussion about Bucket Properties/setting
  4. S3 Pricing
  5. S3 glacier
  • Types of EBS Volumes
  1. Creation, attaching and Detaching volumes
  • ELB ( Elastic Load Balancer)
  1. Basics of Load balancing
  2. Configuring ELB and adding the instances under ELB
  • Autoscaling
  1. Horizontal and Vertical scaling
  2. Launch Configuration and rules of scaling
  • IAM
  1. AWS Security using IAM
  2. Overview of Roles, policies and Groups
  3. Creating IAM Users and managing password policies
  • RDS ( Relational Database server)
  1. RDS Engines in AWS
  2. Configuring MYSQL RDS service
  3. Connecting EC2 Instance to RDS Instance
  4. Route53, Cloudwatch, AWS CLI


  • Bash
  1. Command line arguments
  2. Variables, loops, case statement
  3. Getopts, Functions
  4. Grep, awk, sed
  • Python
  1. Python Introduction
  2. Features
  3. Data types
  4. Loops
  5. Statements
  6. Command line args
  7. Functions
  8. Modules
  9. Object Oriented concepts
  • Project Work

Additional Resources

  • Practical assignments for each module
  • Soft­copy reading material
  • Interview questionnaire walkthrough

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