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Overview of Core Domain process for Each Module in Oracle HRMS

Oracle HRMS Training

Overview of Documentation on Oracle AIM based for Oracle HRMS Modules.

Overview on Oracle HRMS Technical Concepts (Web ADI & Data Pump etc)

Overview of Real time Scenarios or Components.

Assignments + Tests + Mock Interviews

Interview Questions

Resume Preparation



  • Introduction to ERP:
  • Basic Understanding of ERP System
  • Advantages of ERP System
  • Various Roles available in ERP
  • Introduction to Oracle Applications:
  • History & Advantages of Oracle Apps
  • Basic features in Oracle Apps
  • Navigations & Short Cut Keys
  • Oracle Apps Architecture
  • Shared Entities Concept
  • Multi Organization Structure
  • Profile Options, Lookups & Flex fields.
  • Introduction to HRMS System Administration:
  • Security in Oracle HRMS
  • Creation of Users
  • Creation of Responsibilities


Introduction to Oracle HRMS:

  • Overview of Oracle HRMS
  • Integration HRMS with other Modules
  • Date Tracking in HRMS

Work Structure Components-1:

  • Defining Key Flexfields in HRMS
  • Defining Job KFF
  • Defining Position KFF
  • Defining Grade KFF
  • Defining Competence KFF
  • Defining People Group KFF
  • Defining Cost Allocation KFF

Work Structure Components-2:

  • Defining Locations
  • Defining Business Group
  • Defining Other Organizations & Org Hierarchy
  • Defining Jobs in Oracle HRMS
  • Defining Positions & Position Hierarchy
  • Use of Diagrammer
  • Defining Grades & Grade Scales
  • Defining SIT & EIT
  • Check List
  • Form based Recruitment
  • Global Transfer
  • Collective Aggrements & Contracts & Contacts

People Management:

  • Types of People in Oracle HRMS
  • Various ways of creating Employees
  • Creating Contingent Workers & Others
  • Employee Assignment Information
  • Creating Multiple assignments
  • Ending of Non-Primary Assignments
  • Creating Person Types
  • Managing Transfers & Promotions
  • Assigning Supervisor & Changing Supervisor
  • Tracking of History of Employees
  • Terminating Employees & Cancellation of Terminations
  • Rehiring of Terminated Employees
  • Mass Update of Assignment Information
  • Fast Path Windows


Oracle Payrolls: SETUPS

  • Types of Payrolls
  • Creation of Payment Methods
  • Creation of Consolidation Set
  • Defining Payroll
  • Defining of Payroll Elements (Earnings & Deductions)
  • Element Input Values & Priority Numbers
  • Linking of Payroll Elements
  • Defining Salary Basis
  • Writing Payroll Formulas (Oracle Fast Formulas)
  • Assigning Formulas to Elements
  • Salary Administration
  • Assigning Elements to Employees

Oracle Payrolls: PROCESSING

  • Running Payments in Single & Batch Mode
  • Prepayments
  • Check Writing & Direct Deposit in Banks
  • Viewing of SOE Report
  • Viewing of Pay slips
  • Processing of Third Party Payments
  • Processing of Personal Payment Options
  • Payroll Balances & Balance Adjustment
  • Initial Loading of Payroll Balances
  • Advance Pay Setup
  • Retropay setup
  • Iterative setup

Oracle Payrolls: CORRECTIONS

  • Rollback
  • Retry
  • Reversal
  • Void Checks
  • Re-Issue of Void Checks


Costing ,

3rd Party Payments ,

Sequence Change  &  Quickpaint Reports , Payroll Contacts , Balances , Element entry  skip rules , Grade Rate , User Defined Tables , Indirect , Enhanced Retropay , Gross to Net Processing.

Absence Management:                                                                     

  • Introduction to Absence Management
  • Defining Absence Elements
  • Linking of Absence Elements
  • Absence Categories & Absence Reasons
  • Defining Absence Types
  • Managing Employee Absences
  • Employee Accrual Plans
  • Accrual Formulas
  • Tracking Of Employee Accruals
  • Viewing of Employee Absence Information
  • Absence Reports

Oracle SSHR

  • Employee Self Service
  • All Actions awaiting your attention
  • Personal Information (Basic details,Address,Dependants,Emergency Contacts Dependants etc..)
  • Performance Appraisal
  • My Information (Job,Position,Grade,Supervisor,Salary etc..)
  • Leave of Absences
  • Employee Directory
  • Events and Booking
  • Employee Review
  • Special Information Types/Extra Information Types
  • Apply for Job
  • Benefits
  • Web page personalization’s
  • Manager Self Service
  • Promotions
  • Transfers
  • Disciplinary Information
  • OAF Personalization’s

Oracle Talent Management :

  • Events & Bookings
  • Employee Reviews
  • Appraisals ( Self-Service )
  • Suitability Matching ( Self-Service)


Overview of iRecruitment

  • Understanding iRecruitment features
  • Learning about the benefits of iRecruitment
  • Describing different iRecruitment Users
  • Understanding the Approval process in iRecruitment

Configuring iRecruitment Pages

  • Understanding Personalization Levels in iRecruitment
  • Enabling Profile Options for Personalization
  • Changing and Displaying Fields in iRecruitment Pages

Managers and Recruiters: Vacancies and Job Posting

  • Creating Vacancy details
  • Approving Vacancies
  • Posting Vacancies to multiple Recruiting Sites
  • Managing Vacancies

Job Seekers: Site Visitors and Registered Users

  • Using Site Visitor functionality
  • Creating Recruiting Site information
  • Registering in iRecruitment
  • Creating user account details include a resume online
  • Searching for jobs using different search options
  • Monitoring job applications
  • Managers and Recruiters: Candidate Processing
    • Searching the Prospect Pool, Resumes, and Individuals
    • Using different search criteria such as location search and agency search
    • Processing Candidates and using different options
    • Inviting candidates to apply for jobs

Managers and Recruiters: Working with Applicants

  • Viewing Applicants’ details
  • Progressing Applications
  • Updating Applications
  • Creating offers for applicants
  • Approving offers

Using Interface for Employee & Agency Users

  • Managing Employee Referrals
  • Using the iRecruitment Employee Candidate Home Page
  • Understanding an agency user’s tasks
  • Searching for vacancies
  • Searching for candidates
  • Creating details of candidates
  • Applying for jobs on behalf of candidates

AME (Approval Management Engine)

  • Security Profile Setup
  • Assign the Approval Management Administrator Responsibility
  • Assign the Approval Management Business Analyst Responsibility
  • Creating Role and Grants
  • Creating Transaction Type and setting up Configuration Variables
  • Creating Attributes, Conditions, Action-Types, Approval Groups

Performance Management System (PMS)

  • Setting up the Profile Options
  • Define the Rating Scales
  • Define the Competencies and Competencies Types
  • Define the Managers and Employees Responsibilities &User ID’s for the PMS
  • Creating Questionaires
  • Define the Competencies Template, Objective Template and Appraisal Template
  • Define the Eligibility Profile
  • Creating Performance Management Plan (PMP) (Cascading or Parallel Plan)
  • Setting up the Cascading Objectives and Parallel Objectives for Employees
  • Transfer the Scorecards to worker
  • Review the worker Changes and Approving it
  • Finish the Objective Setting
  • View and Track Objective Progress
  • Creating Standard Appraisal Template and Adding Competencies, Objectives and Rating them
  • Sharing the Appraisal with Manager and Finishing the Appraisal
  • Review the Appraisal Summary Report

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